GC Rieber Compact, location Norway


The company's headquarters, in addition to factory and warehouse, is situated on the west coast of Norway. The factory produces solid Ready-to-Use foods for prevention and treatment of malnutrition, emergency relief and preparedness, maritime survival  and emergency drinking water.

GC Rieber Compact AS is certified with FSSC-22000.


Products produced by GC Rieber Compact AS Norway:

Product Description
BP-100™ Solid Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF)
BP-5™ Solid Ready-to-Use Emergency Food
BP-ER™ Solid Ready-to-Use Emergency Food, non-fortified
Seven OceanS® Emergency Ration
Seven OceanS® Emergency Drinking Water



Contact information:

GC Rieber Compact AS

Smoget 29

N-5212 Søfteland


Tel: +47 56 30 35 00

E-mail: info.compact@gcrieber.com