What we do

Saving lives through generations

Saving life has been the main goal for GC Rieber Compact through generations. All our products are based on this philosophy and have proven themselves invaluable for people in distress. Refugees, sailors and victims of war and natural disasters have been given a new chance with GC Rieber Compact Food.

GC Rieber Compact AS was established in Bergen, Norway in 1948. For 75 years we have provided high quality food products “For Life”.

GC Rieber Compact is part of the GC Rieber Group. Today it is a leading company within the maritime and humanitarian field producing unique food products for malnutrition, preparedness and maritime survival.

Non-Governmental Organisations, United Nations agencies and maritime companies worldwide are appreciating the products and services of GC Rieber Compact, and benefit from the concepts provided.

Making a difference