CSR & Sustainability

At GC Rieber, we believe in social responsibility and sustainable development within our entire business operation. We believe that companies can better support international sustainability programs by actively using their know-how and competence to drive economic, environmental and social development through own initiatives and efforts.

CSR Strategy

Our CSR strategy is an integral part of our organization and reflects our business goals. At GC Rieber, we involve and engage all parts of the organization in CSR work.

Each business area identifies business-critical sustainability goals and aligns them with key stakeholders’ expectations. Those goals are then turned into action plans which are communicated internally and externally, and monitored continuously. To enforce lasting, resilient partnerships, we have formalized a policy for responsible supplier management in our Code of Conduct.

GC Rieber Fondene manage philanthropic and charitable contributions to benevolent and social initiatives and a wide array of culture and science projects.

For more information about our work with CSR and sustainability, see the relevant documents on this site or contact us.

The company shall treat natural resources with respect, never to be squandered. These resources are to be passed on to future generations in at least as good shape as they were in when we took over.

UN Global Compact

In 2008 GC Rieber Compact became participant of the UN Global Compact initiative. This is currently the world’s largest initiative for corporate social responsibility with more than 8,000 businesses from 145 different countries.

UN Global Compact has drawn up ten universal principles that encourage and demonstrate how businesses should take into account:

  • labour rights
  • human rights
  • protection of the environment
  • anti-corruption

For more information on UNGC, see www.unglobalcompact.org

Human rights and decent working conditions

Information on how the GC Rieber Group works with human rights and decent working conditions, the Group’s compliance with the Norwegian Transparency Act, and the GC Rieber Group account of due diligence is published on the GC Rieber Group website.