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BP-5™ is Solid Ready-to-Use Emergency Food which is used in the first phase of disaster relief, emergency and preparedness. It is suitable for all people 6 months and older.

BP-5™ has both the nutritional and logistical qualities required to be an invaluable relief food item.

One part of emergency preparedness is to keep stocks of emergency food in strategic locations.

Its optimal logistical qualities secure an easy, safe and efficient transportation, distribution, and usage. BP-5™ emergency food has a 5 year unconditional shelf-life which enables organizations to use it in their preparedness stocks even under extreme conditions.

A 20’ container holds 36,000 units of BP-5™, which gives a basic supply of nutrients for 10,000 adults for one week.

BP-5™ has been used in the following situations
  • In the first phase of disaster relief operations before local foods can be distributed and prepared.
  • BP-5™ has successfully been air dropped from different altitudes, also without parachute. Drops made from 600 feet without parachute show no significant damage to the product.
  • Humanitarian organisations and governmental agencies around the world have built up disaster preparedness stocks with BP-5.