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eeZee50™ is a lipid-based nutrient supplement – medium quantity for the prevention of acute malnutrition. Packaged in individual serves of 50 g sachets.
Nutritional qualities
  • eeZee50 is our medium quantity lipid-based nutrient supplement for the prevention of acute malnutrition in children older than 6 months of age.
  • eeZee50 can be used as a supplement to continued breastfeeding and local food in food insecure populations where children are at risk of developing acute malnutrition.
  • eeZee50 does not require any preparation and can be consumed directly from the sachet.
  • The recommended daily serving is one sachet per child per day.
  • This provides approximately 250 kcal and one RDA of micronutrients.

The low water activity and high quality packaging of eeZeeRUSF ensure easy, safe and efficient transportation, distribution, usage and storage under extreme conditions. GC Rieber Compact guarantees a shelf life of 24 months from manufacturing date when stored at warehouse conditions.