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Emergency Rations to provide a balanced diet for survival at sea. Approved world-wide for use on board lifeboats and life rafts. The high quality packaging also includes directions for use in 14 different languages. Halal Certified.

Seven OceanS® is the world´s leading brand for emergency food and water rations through 60 years.

  • Approved by the Seafaring authorities in all the major shipping nations.
    One standard ration for all flags.
  • Available from stockholders in all major ports of the world.
  • Superior quality exceeding all requirements.
  • Provides a balanced diet for survival at sea.
  • 5,5 years shelf life unconditionally.
  • Complies with SOLAS/ISO 18813:2006 and E.C. Directive 98/83.

Leading manufacturers of lifeboats and life rafts who emphasize quality, select the Seven OceanS® brand.

Product description
  • Consumed directly from the packet.
  • Each unit contains 500 g
    – 9 bars of 55.6 g and 250 kcal each
    – 24 units/carton
    – 12.00 kg net/carton
    – 5,5 years shelf life exceeding SOLAS requirements.
  • Vacuum packed in air- and watertight 3 layer alufoil in a strong water repellent box.
  • Contains optimal ratio of balanced nutrition to volume. Halal Certified.
Logistical qualities
  • Unit: 18 tablet packed in 9 bars
  • Carton: 24 units of 500 g, 12 kg net / 13.44 kg gross / 0.018 m3
  • Pallet: 55 cartons / 1320 units. 660 kg net / 739 kg gross / 1.24 m3 incl. pallet.
  • Shrink-wrapped

Marking: Manufacturing- and expiration date in addition to Lot number.

Shelf life is 5,5 years unconditionally from the manufacturing date.