Successfully usage of BP-5™ in the field

BP-5™ has become like a generic name for emergency food.  BP stands for in Norwegian "Beredskaps Proviant" or in English Preperedness Ration.

Distribution of BP-5™ to displaced population in North Kivu, DR Congo (November 2008)

Despite the difficulties of distributing food aid to the displaced people fleeing the attacks of the rebel of Gen Nkunda, BP-5™ high energy biscuits were distributed in large quantities by UNICEF in North Kivu. A week after the beginning of the hostilities, people and especially children, were extremely weakened by days of walking without food, and BP-5™ came as an unexpected relief for the population.

“When we carried out our dist ribution, it was a desperate situation. [...] People came and crowded around our sites and were virtually trying to barge in to get assistance” said Mr Murthy from UNICEF.
 The rapidity of BP-5™ distribution was possible thanks to strategic disaster preparedness stock in the region built as a result of cooperation between GC Rieber Compact and its partners (UNICEF, WFP, USAID). Parents and children were very relieved to receive the now famous little red box, and their smile is our biggest victory.

Distribution of BP-5™ emergency food to vulnerable children and lactating mothers in Bangladesh

During the latest years natural disasters have regularly hit Bangladesh, creating a food crisis in the country. However, UNICEF and CARE have implemented preparedness stocks where they keep large quantities of BP-5™ to start distributing emergency food to the local population as soon as it is logistically possible.

In the flood affected districts, 143 MT of BP-5™ emergency food was immediately distributed to vulnerable children under five targeting 165,000 families (86,840 children 6-35 months and 30,000 pregnant women and lactating mothers).

In the cyclone affected districts, BP-5™ which were pre-positioned before the cyclone were distributed to 46,272 families (27,763 children age 6-35 months old and 10,411 pregnant and lactating women). In early 2008, CARE received a gift of 73,8 MT BP-5™ from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to rebuild the preparedness stock in the country in view of coming natural disasters.  UNICEF also used BP-5™  during the famine in Chittagong Hill Tract (CHT). UNICEF staff in Bangladesh told us the story about Puja who is 11 months old and Jackson who is four, both extremely hungry.  “As soon as Niron opens the packet, Jackson is happily munching away on one of the crumbly white biscuits. Puja must wait while her father mixes her biscuit with water so that it easier to swallow, but soon she is grabbing for the spoon and sticking her small hands directly into the biscuit mixture to get at the food as fast as possible. “Puja doesn’t normally like food from outside the house,” laughs Niron, “but she really likes these biscuits. Look how much she is eating!” UNICEF Bangladesh.