ICRC loading truck

Stock locations

In order to better respond to any crisis around the world we have preparedness stocks in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East in addition to our own production sites in Norway, India and South Africa.

Product Stock locations
eeZeePaste™ NUT RUTF India, South Africa, Kenya, Dubai, Denmark
eeZeeRUSF™  India, South Africa, Denmark
eeZee50™ India, South Africa
eeZee20™ India
BP-100™ Norway, Denmark, Kenya
BP-5™ Norway, Denmark, Kenya, Dubai
Seven OceanS® Emergency Ration Norway
Seven OceanS® Emergency Drinking Water Norway


Our Seven OceanS® products for the maritime industry is available through our distributors.




Contact information:

GC Rieber Compact AS

c/o GC Rieber Salt AS

Vesterhavnsvej 26

7000 Fredericia


Tel: +47 56 30 35 00


Nairobi, Kenya

Branch office and warehouse

At this location we can facilitate the local NGO/UN community with our complete product range of emergency, therapeutic and supplementary foods.

Contact information:

Samson Onudi

Food Technologist

Sales representative

Tel: +254 72 03 76 517  

Tel: +254 20 43 48 540

E-mail: samsononudi@gmail.com

Skype: samson.onudi


Norsupplies Ltd.

P.O.Box 541

00606 Sarit Centre



E-mail: norsupplies@iwayafrica.com

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


With its strategic location this port offers access to the Asian subcontinent and parts of Africa. Competitive air charter rates also make this location a good alternative when reacting to major natural disasters.

Contact information:

Tel: +971 488 18111