How to use BP-5™ emergency rations

BP-5™ emergency rations are the preferred tool when disasters strike.

One box of BP-5 (9 bars) is enough for one adult for one day.  BP-5™ can be eaten as a biscuit direct from the pack, or crumbled into water and eaten as a porridge. To make a porridge use 200 ml of boiled drinking water per bar.  For each bar of BP-5™ at least 250 ml of drinking water intake should be available.  For children between 6 and 24 months of age BP-5™ should preferably be given as porridge.


If no other food is available, the below table could be used as an approximate guideline for distribution*.


 AGE (Y) Bars/day Kal/day Bars/week
 1/2-1     3  768  21 
 2-3     4  1016    28
 4-6     5  1270  35  
 7-8     6    1524  42
 Adult(f)     8  2032    56
 Adult( M)     9  2290  63 

* covers approx. 100% energy requirement and vitamins and minerals recommended daily allowance.