BP-5 packet with food
Seven OceanS packet with food
Seven OceanS water sachets
eeZeeBAR packet with food

Our preparedness products: BP-5™, Seven OceanS® Emergency Ration and Water and eeZeeBAR™

Emergency food suitable for use in relief operations during natural or man-made disasters throughout the world. Our Ready-to-Use Foods contain all nutrients necessary to restore and maintain body functions. Our products are also used as nutrition and energy supplements to armed forces, expeditions and adventures.

Our preparedness products:

BP-5™ Emergency Food with added minerals and vitamins.

Seven OceanS® Emergency Ration for normal people in distress.

Seven OceanS® Emergency Drinking Water.

eeZeeBAR™ RUSF with a nutritional composition which complies with the WHO Technical Note for supplementary foods for the management of moderate acute malnutrition.

The optimal logistical properties secure an easy, safe and efficient transportation, distribution, usage and storage under extreme conditions.

Compressed food as BP-5™, eeZeeBAR™ and SevenOceanS® contains the highest possible ratio of balanced nutrition compared to volume.

These products are ideal for pre-positioning as its shelf life is 5 years unconditionally.