Nairobi, Kenya BP-5™ Offload, Airbus A340


Our site in Nairobi, Kenya comprises branch office and warehouse. Nairobi is the East African hub for all relief activities and home for many UN organizations. Most Non-Governmental Organizations also have regional offices here. At this location we can facilitate the local NGO/UN community with our complete product range of emergency, therapeutic and supplementary foods. Therefore Nairobi is a good place for GC Rieber Compact to be located, close to the consumer markets.


Contact information:

Samson Onudi

Food Technologist

Sales representative

Tel: +254 72 03 76 517  

Tel: +254 20 43 48 540


Skype: samson.onudi


Norsupplies Ltd.

P.O.Box 541

00606 Sarit Centre