Søfteland factory in the old days


GC Rieber Compact AS was established in Bergen, Norway in 1948. For almost 70 years we have provided high quality food products "For Life”. Today GC Rieber Compact AS is the leading company within the maritime and humanitarian field producing unique food products for malnutrition, maritime survival and preparedness.

Historic highlights

February 23rd, 1948 Joh. Lærum & Co. (later renamed Compact AS) was established in Bergen, Norway. The company produced, among other products: jam, marmalade, fruit spread, vinegar and liqueur-extract to make vanilla ice cream.

Started production of preparedness products for the military defence.

International sales started and, as the first company specialized in this field globally, Compact’s export sales grew to a 95 % share of the total production.

Started production of Seven OceanS emergency rations for lifeboats and life rafts on request from Norwegian ship-owners. The Norwegian ships sailed all over the world and soon the demand increased. A world-wide network of distributors was built up in the years to follow.

The jam/marmalade/fruit spread-part of the company was sold.
Production of compressed meat blocks for the German military defence important.

February 2nd, 1970 the company name changed to Compact AS.

Started production of Seven OceanS emergency drinking water for lifeboats and life rafts.

BP-5 compact emergency food took over for BP-4 and became increasingly important.

Compact AS Denmark was founded to strengthen the company's position in the European Union. The first EU certified BP-5 product was produced.

Compact AS established Compact India Private Limited in Gurgaon, India. The factory produces lipid-based nutrient supplements and Ready-to-Use Foods based on peanuts, using local raw materials and labour.

GC Rieber AS acquired Compact AS.

January 7th, 2013 the company name changed to GC Rieber Compact AS, and the company became part of the GC Rieber Group.

GC Rieber Compact South Africa (Pty) Limited was established in Cape Town, South Africa. The factory produces eeZeePaste NUT RUTF.